11 Best Vegan Restaurants in Nashville

If food is what keeps you going, then you have to go to the right place. In this article, we will share the best vegan restaurants in Nashville.

Whether you are a meat-eater or a vegetarian, these places will make you forget your regular delicacies.

There was a time when people thought vegans were “saints.” Well, vegans are saints somehow because they are the ones compromising on meat. But they aren’t compromising on taste.

Because vegan food is no more greens and salads. The options are too many, and that’s the reason we have come up with a list of the 11 best vegan restaurants in Nashville.

Read the article till the end and find out the one you are interested in taking yourself out tonight.

11 best vegan restaurants in Nashville.

11 Best Vegan Restaurants In Nashville

Nashville is a city of dreams, not only because of music or Oprah Winfrey but also because of hundreds of vegan restaurants.

As veganism is growing, vegan restaurants have become commonplace. That means if you are out, you will have many options to try. 

And to make it easy for you, we have created a list of 11 best vegan restaurants in Nashville.


Starting the list with the best vegan food in Nashville with a southern twist. All your comfy foods like burgers, mac n cheese, hot and fried chicken, greens, waffles, and biscuits.

The Southern V

We have also heard that the mango tea served in Southern V is by far the best. So, if you don’t want to stick to the regular plan of grabbing an espresso or a brew, then order a mango tea.


Being one of the popular bistros in Nashville, Graze is known for its quality vegan food and drinks.

Whether you order Nacho Supreme in your starters or a Roasted Veggie Burrito as your main course, you will enjoy every bite of it.

Graze Nashville

The blueberry pancakes are gluten-free and can go with anything warm, like a drip coffee. Give it a try. There are some exclusive cocktail options (unless you are already full).

3. AVO

People love AVO, and you know why? Not because of its appealing gluten-free food options but because it serves food with care and generosity. The portions are decent, and better are the gluten-free crab cakes.


In the main dish section, you can have Cali Burger, Summer Pasta with pistachio walnut pesto, or Manicoti having lemon herb almond ricotta. 

Another reason to name it one of the best vegan restaurants in Nashville– is Weekend Brunch, exclusive Desserts and a range of Beverages.


Now this might come as a surprise, but this bakery is 100% free from gluten. A vegan, gluten-free bakery is precious, so make sure not to miss the chance when you are in the city.

Not just this, Sunflower Bakehouse serves everything– from cupcakes and pastries to burgers and sandwiches. With so many extensive options, Sunflower Bakehouse is one of the best vegan restaurants in Nashville.


Whether it is a private party or catering service, The Wild Cow honors everything. And that is one of the many reasons to include it among the best vegan restaurants in Nashville.

MARGO’S los angeles

It serves gluten-free buffalo tempeh strips, nachos, gyro pita sandwiches, french quarter dips, a variety of salads, tacos, and wraps. All their entree bowls have no gluten unless you insist on some seitan. 

And in case you have the company of a kid, their kid’s menu is worth the hype. 


Succulent Vegan Tacos is Nashville’s first vegan taco restaurant(taqueria). The Al Pastor is made up of pastor seitan, fresh pineapple, onion, and cilantro (I know you are already mouth-watering).

Succulent Vegan Tacos

The other 3 vegan tacos are Tinga, made up of carrots, black beans, and cilantro. Papas are made up of roasted tomatillo salsa, potatoes, and kale. Asada consists of soy asada, onion, and cilantro. 

And after all this, there are some side dishes you can try. If you still need something to lessen your stress, then try some Mexican Sodas.


With an interesting back story, The Be-hive is considered one of the popular vegan restaurants in Nashville. From Subs to Fried Vegan Chicken, from Waffles Fries to Crunch Wraps, from greens to shakes, TheBe-hive has left no stone unturned.

The BE-Hive Deli & Market

And maybe if you happen to visit the place, ask about their exclusive retail products (you won’t be disappointed by the stuff you get to see there).


If you have any allergies (soy, gluten, or oil), you don’t need to skip anything. Why? Because Sunflower Cafe has tons of options (not literally).


Order anything you want because all the dishes are your “comfy foods.” You have wraps, salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos and nachos, combo bowls, and several allergen-free options.

After you are stuffed, maybe wrap it up with some Chocolate Mousse or Berries and Cream?


Indian Food is divine– the spices and flavors just explode. And that’s why we have included Woodlands Indian in our list. So what is on the menu for today? 

You have the chef’s special Coconut Curry, Hot and Sour Soup made up of veggies, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and the Malai Kofta. These three dishes are the three most popular dishes in the restaurant.


As long as you pair the dishes with a garlic naan and a side dish of your choice, you are already on the way to becoming a convert (this time, I am not kidding).


Before you know what they offer, let me tell you something– they serve food from 8 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. Their power bowls are really powerful.

You get to choose a base (Brown Rice, Mixed Lettuce, Quinoa, Konjac Noodles) and protein of your choice (Organic Tempeh, Shiitake Teriyaki, Carrot Keftedes, Organic Tofu Cubes).

You need a huge appetite to finish one power bowl because their portions are way more than generous.


Apart from power bowls, Copper Branch serves combo burgers and sandwiches, flatbreads, snacks, soups, bakery goodies, and smoothies.


Now bizkits might not sound similar(not the band), but what does taste have to do anything with sound? However, flavors are important and that’s why the restaurant has categorized everything according to it.


Maybe the straight-edge Bizkit which is buttery, fluffy, flaky, and salty? Salty? Yes. Also, the loaded Red Lobster Bizkits. It’s cheesy and has garlic in it, and that’s why it tastes like golden clouds, as the restaurant claims.


Nashville can be a great place to explore, but it can be memorable with the right food places. The restaurants mentioned above are some of the chosen ones.

And it is important to have preferences when it comes to vegan food. All these vegan restaurants in Nashville have one thing in common– they are quite affordable.

If you are in the States, then make sure to visit the popular vegan places. We also have a list of the best vegan restaurants in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and LA. Make sure to check them out. 


  • Is Nashville vegan-friendly?

Ans: With an overwhelming number of vegan restaurants, cafes, and outlets, Nahsville is a paradise for vegans. Well, not like London, but still decent.

  • Is there a good Indian place that serves vegan food in Nashville?

Ans: Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Restaurant is an Indian and great vegan restaurant in Nashville.

  • Any bakery that is 100% vegan?

Ans: Well, Sunflower Bakehouse is not only vegan but also a 100% gluten-free bakery in Nashville.


The Team of authors on YourVeganSpace.com is a dedicated vegan and passionate advocate for animal welfare. With years of experience living a plant-based lifestyle, they firmly believe that a vegan diet is not only sustainable, but also ethical and healthy.

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