11 Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles – Must Check

In the states, vegan restaurants have become commonplace as well. Los Angeles is also under the radar which is why this article will highlight some of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles.

As eating plant-based is good both for health and the environment, people have started showing interest in vegan dishes.

With an increase in the number of vegans, vegan restaurants are also growing fast.

11 Best Vegan Restaurants In los angeles

Best Vegan Restaurants In Los Angeles

As vegans increase, so do the vegan restaurants. While this helps people to find vegan restaurants without any hassle, it is difficult to pick the best ones.

And to be honest, most vegan places are trying exquisite dishes to attract more customers.

To tackle this issue, here is a list of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles.


If this vegan restaurant doesn’t make you feel at home, then nothing will. This is because this is the homeliest plant-based restaurant in LA.

The staff won’t appreciate you leaving any food you ordered (imagine how homely they are).


There are macs, cornbreads, options for wholesome pasta, and some barbecued tofu served with greens.

And trust me, you won’t be able to complete everything on your own unless you are the hungriest you have ever been (imagine how big their portions are).


Ready for some Ethiopian vegan highlights? Well, then, get ready to have the best vegan meal of your life.

Rahel serves the best Ethiopian vegan dishes in LA. And not just that, platters of legumes and veggies will keep coming until you put a stop to it.

RAHEL los angeles

You can get combos, have zucchini, mixed vegetables, and also the fluffiest Ethiopian Injera. In case you have got a company to take out, take them here for a delicious vegan treat.


Everyone likes Pizzas, but what are pizzas without regular cheese? Well, cheese is great, but what if I tell you that Nic’s pizzas are gonna beat everything you have eaten before? Surprised? The pizzas Nic serves will surprise you even more.

nic's on beverly los angeles

The pizzas are fluffy, nutty, and have crispy edges. If you are eating here for the first time, then you might end up becoming a convert.

You can also find waffles, sandwiches (breakfast and country), a variety of omelets, and salads. And don’t forget to wrap up your meal with some desserts.


As the prime focus of this vegan restaurant in Los Angeles is pasta, you can only imagine how good it is with Italian dishes.

If you are looking for an Italian and Vegan combo, then Pura Vita could be a great addition to your list.

PURA VITA los angeles

They have specific menus for breakfast, lunch, and brunch. It is not just for dining out, you can visit the place, try its royal collection of wines, and have some fun.


Margo’s is a special place because it serves you food with flavors and care. The brunch menu revolves around breakfast burritos, Sicilian-style breakfast pizza, to different cocktails like Espresso Martini, Mimosa, and Bloody Mary.

If you are a pastry person, don’t worry, you can choose between muffin cookies and carrot cakes.

MARGO’S los angeles

And if you’d like to close everything with a coffee, then the drinks section has every kind you wish for.

Imagine the size of their regular menu and special dishes if this was only the brunch.


I know vegan sushi has been all over the place, and you might be tired of it. But don’t worry because Shojin doesn’t only serve sushi.

Aside from the great sushi, you are served Steak Lettuce Wraps, Shojin Gyoja, Crispy Potato-O-“Fish,” and stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms.

SHOJIN los angeles

Shojin is one of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles because it is gluten-free, allergy-free, completely organic, and uses no refined sugar. What else can you ask for?


Not just because Chef Tal Renon started this restaurant in 2013, Crossroads is also great at serving exquisite vegan dishes.

The appetizers, homemade pasta, veggies, salads, pizzas, and even the cocktails and regular drinks are above the bar.


After looking at their myriads of dishes, there isn’t a reason why not to quote Crossroads as the best vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. Maybe because of the other 10 we are talking about here.


Berbere is big on its house specialties, so make sure you try them. You can choose between Plant Birgers and Eat the Rainbow to Lentil Meatballs and The Wish Meal.


Berbere gives Ethiopian touch to its tacos and sliders. Not only the food, but there are interesting choices of desserts, juices, beverages, and smoothies.


Planning a pizza night with your vegan comrades? Why not try an exclusive pizza with one of the most interesting topics you have ever heard?

Hot Tongue Pizza is not only a great vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, but it is also a great vegan pizza parlor in LA.


The dough is great, half fluffy, thick, a little bit sour, and springy. You can choose between garlic knots, crispy cauliflower, Margherita, Pesto Pie, Sicilian, and tens of options on their menu.


Just What I Kneaded is exactly doing justice to its name. Not only because of the aesthetics of cakes of different sizes, shapes, and colors but because it is also the best in the “LA vegan Restaurants” category when it comes to cakes or cookies.


Be it cookies, galettes, or scones, the flavors and colors get you there. In fact, since 2017, they have been providing uncompromising tasty dishes for their customers.


While we were talking so much about pizzas, we forgot about the evening staple of most of the kids– Burgers.

Now, maybe vegans despise meat, but what if burgers are made without meat in the first place? Don’t be surprised.

Monty’s Good Burger(MGB) has vegan burgers, chicken sandwiches(100% vegan if you’re wondering), tenders, fries, craft sodas, and shakes.


MGB tries to provide a delicious plant-based alternative to hamburgers. It’s time for you to taste and let them know about their dishes.


As you would like to know more about vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, we have to stop our list here. But this doesn’t mean the list isn’t big enough.

Does it? We have shown you vegan places for Ethiopian, Japanese, and Italian cuisines, special pizza places, and vegan restaurants for burgers. 

If you want to read more about vegan places in other cities like Atlanta or Philadelphia, then feel free to visit our blogs on the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta/Philadelphia.


  • Are there good vegan restaurants in Los Angeles?

Ans: There are hundreds of vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. In fact, LA is one of the biggest vegan-friendly cities in the states.

  • Where to find the best vegan pizzas in LA?

Ans: Nic’s on Beverly and Hot Tongue Pizza are the two great places for pizza nights.

  • Which vegan place serves 100% Allergy-free food?

Ans: Since most of the vegan restaurants in Los Angeles serve gluten-free, Shojin serves allergy-free and organic to its customers.


The Team of authors on YourVeganSpace.com is a dedicated vegan and passionate advocate for animal welfare. With years of experience living a plant-based lifestyle, they firmly believe that a vegan diet is not only sustainable, but also ethical and healthy.

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