11 Best Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

Now that we have hundreds of vegan restaurants everywhere, it is easy to travel and have food of your choice.

Be it London, Los Angeles, or Amsterdam– vegan places are everywhere. Read the full article to find 11 best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

Best Vegan Restaurants In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the five most “vegan-friendly” cities in the world. For vegans, restaurants are spread all over Amsterdam. And as good as it sounds, it is also difficult to pick a good bait.

Keeping an eye on the price and the services, you can’t easily tailor a list of “suitable” restaurants. But don’t worry. We have made a list of all the top vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.


If you are looking for an Italian place in Town, then there isn’t anything better than Trevi’s. Considering the fact that it is 100% vegan, you will be triggered to know more about its menu.

But let us tell you something– Trevi’s’ dough comes directly from Italy and is settled for 72 hours to make it crunchy.

trevi’s amsterdam

Trevi’s is one of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam because it makes the crunchiest pizza you have ever had. Pizza options revolve around Pesto Ricotta, Fillipo, Zuca and other 6 incredible and unique pizzas. 

You can pick Ravioli Tartufo, Spaghetti Pomodoro, or any other pasta options you have in your mind.

Desserts and drinks are quite spread over, and if you want something different, then why not try Tagilere Trevi’s?


What’s not to like about this place? From starting with the soothing white brick interior to a chef cooking beside you, this place is a 10 on 10.

The best thing about Men Impossible is their Ramen. You can’t skip their Ramen even if you are already stuffed.


Ramen is their main dish with noodles, soups, and toppings of your choice.

And believe me. You are going to love it. They welcome you with a welcome drink, and then you can move on to starters. 

Cold Starter has Vinegar Cucumber whereas the Warm one has Magical Lentils Yakitori.

The way they have patronized their Ramen in the form of comics is very interesting.


Besides being the first plastic-free restaurant in Amsterdam, LPP is necessarily organic. 

Their main course has four signature dishes– Thai Sweet Potato Lentil Soup, Quino or Basmati Rice with Chickpea and Mushroom Curry, Quino or Basmati Rice with Lentil Curry(potatoes+spinach+cauliflower), and Quino/Basmati Rice with Spring Bean Stew.

And don’t worry about Quino or Basmati rice, and they are served as side dishes if you need them.


Other snacking options are Onion Pie with Salad, Empanada Spinach-corn, and weekly changing gluten-free salad. The dessert list is pretty huge, which is why you should bat an eye before you devor some of that.


Mr Stacks is a great vegan place. They only serve pancakes and beverages, but they are vast with their options. Pancakes are divided into two categories– savory and sweet. 

The savory ones have Protein Burger Stack, Roasted Tacos Stack, Texan Barbecued Chicken Stack, and The English Breakfast with vegan eggs, sausage, bacon, tomato sauce, white beans, mixed green salad, and two pancakes.

mr stacks

The sweet ones have Choco Hazlenut Stack, Dutch Apple Pie Stack, and three different types of pancakes (classic, banana, and cinnamon).

You have a bucket load of additional toppings, some desserts, teas, coffees, boba milky teas(vegan), and a variety of other drinks.

If you are worried about the question– “Is Amsterdam vegan-friendly?” then it is time to reconsider that.


If you are at Margo’s, you can’t miss any of their dishes because they are all homemade. Now that might come as a surprise, but that’s true. Let’s dive into the dishes.

Margo's Amsterdam

Their Tandoori Chicken is the seasonal highlight. It has Heura Chicken (soy) with Margo’s sauce marinated over it.

You can try vegan pastries, American-style cookies, and even The Cheeze and Salami. As everything is 100% plant-based, there is no need to worry about their sources. 


Vegan Sushi Bar is a place to find all comfy vegan dishes. Even though it was established 3 years ago, it contributes a part of its annual profit to the environment.

The motive of the restaurant is to provide quality vegan food and promote healthy eating goals.

If this doesn’t make it the best vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, then what does?


The restaurant has a big list of signature rolls like Classic Salmon, Cheesy Tuna, and everything you can think of (just kidding).

You also have the option for Inari(Seaweed, Avocado, Salmon, etc.), Maki(Cucumber, Salmon, Avocado, etc.), some side dishes like Gyoja, Edamame, and Sashimi Platter. 

There is a space for Ramen – Spicy Miso, and Creamy oat milk.


Looking for some pastries and coffee to level up your gloomy day? Try Saint Jean’s Lemon Yuzu and Thyme Cake to relive all the best cake moments you have ever had. Not just cake.

In case you want to have something sweet and baker-y, then try their cruffins (you’d love that too).


Their cappuccino cup is also a highlight, so if you want to sip on some coffee and enjoy some goodies from their bakery, visit Saint Jean.


If there is one restaurant that knows how to keep its customer happy, it is Hearth. Hearth has taken veganism to a different level. It highlights all the traditions across the world and serves them with “humor”, “color”, and “creativity.”

Hearth vegan restaurant

Being one of the top vegan restaurants in Amsterdam, Hearth has one of the biggest menus you would have ever seen. It starts with the cocktail section – Ambroisa, Flowerdrop, Pearfect Manhattan, and Mocha Martini. 

The mocktail and gin section comes with stuff like Rhubarb Fizz, Bloom Gin, and Hendricks Gin. The wine section is vast, with options like bubble wine, red wine, white wine, orange wine, rose wine, and dessert wine. 

The food section has soups, starter dishes, main course meals, desserts, and snacks to die for.


With several outlets in the Netherlands, VJFB is still on a mission to spread its roots across Europe. And why not? It is already a blooming food franchise that has everything it takes to reach the top seed.


Be it Nacho Nacho, Crunchy Mac and Cheese Betterballs, or the Daddy Burger with a pink bun, every dish is one of a kind.

They have a VJFB Shawarma hotter than any Shawarma you have tried, Caesar salads, french and smiley fries, and lip-smacking desserts.

And if you crave anything like a beer, a bottle of wine, or a coffee, you just have to let their friendly staff know.


As Italian pizza is beyond good, you should try its veganized version. Mastino serves you incredibly savory and healthy pizzas with outbursting flavors. And that’s why it is one of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.


Be it the 5 Seasons pizza or the heart-shaped amore, the taste speaks for itself. It uses natural ingredients like red lentils, tutto mushroom, pesto ricotta, and cashew cheddar to make wholesome goodies for you.

And not just this, do you know it has some interesting starters, La caprese salads, and Cannoli di Sicilia.


As the restaurant claims – “This is not a restaurant. This is a place of love.”  Madre is the combo of modern Mexican delicacies crossed with Netherlandian aptitude. 

With a very pleasant atmosphere and an exquisite interior design, Madre serves locally sourced, fresh Mexican food.

You can use the Cocktail Bar to rinse off some stress from your shoulders. 

MADRE amsterdam

Out of several dishes, Nacho Mama is the one made with homemade totopus refried beans, smoky cheese sauce, and guacamole with rice cream.

Birria quesatacos is another dish that switches corn tortillas, vegan pork, and both savory and dipping broth.

They also have Mexican Tres Leches Torrija with white chocolate– there is goodness in every bite. 


Vegan food is great for both your body and the environment. But, at the same time, it isn’t any less in taste and flavors.

Especially not when you are dining somewhere out. Choosing the right place is important, and that’s why we have come up with 11 best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

If you are a foodie and want to explore more places in the States, read our article on the 11 best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles.


  • Is Amsterdam vegan-friendly?

Ans: Out of all the vegan-friendly cities in the world,  Amsterdam is ranked in the top 5.

  • Are there any good vegan places for pizza in Amsterdam?

Ans: There are plenty of vegan pizza places in Amsterdam. These restaurants serve their signature dishes with a plot twist (nothing you would hate). Mastino Vegan Pizza is one such example.

  • What about vegan sushi places in Amsterdam?

Ans: Sushi is everyone’s favorite, but who said you couldn’t enjoy it being a vegan? In fact, there is Vegan Sushi Bar, a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam that serves all types of sushi.

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