The Best Vegan Nut Roast Recipe

Serve yourself this delicious vegan nut roast. It’s tasty. It’s filling. It’s healthy. But more important, it’s vegan

Nutsthe superfood. Packed with healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals, nothing can stand against it. With so many health benefits, why not focus on our main dish using nuts today? 

There was something about those traditional roast nights. The food tasted so good, it became really difficult to give up on another serving. But, here is a caveat- the roast had a decent portion of meat in it. 

Not that it didn’t taste good, but it revolved around meat and other animal products. And after going fully vegan, finding substitutes for all these recipes has been a big deal. 

vegan nut roast

But as they say, “If there is a will, there is a way”. And in this article, in fact, we try to share not just the recipe for the vegan nut roast, but also how to make it simple and flexible

The simpler the nut roast is, the better. And when you will have the liberty to change nuts, seeds, and other ingredients of your choice, no doubt you will love it. 

The best part about this vegan nut roast recipe is that it can become a main course too. And warn your paleo friends before they try this- it’s very addictive. They might end up being converted. Just kidding. 

Before talking about the recipe, let’s see

What is a Vegan Nut Roast?

Just those roast dinners you used to have, remember, all of them were served with a piece of meatloaf. Not just served but it’s also the central element of the roast dinner. But, when we are going full vegan, we try to replace that with a classic vegan nut roast

We add different nuts, seeds, mushrooms, herbs, spices, and other condiments. Simple!

This is very healthy and highly palatable too. To perfect the texture and taste you have the liberty to add breadcrumbs, lentils, and even eggs if you’re a vegetarian. After we have all the ingredients, we put them in a baking pan, and guess what- then we just bake. 

Whether it’s a Christmas dinner, Easter, or just a Thanksgiving dinner, this dish is a perfect fit. 

Without wasting any time, let’s get into the ingredient list for the vegan nut roast

The ingredients for Vegan Nut Roast

Before we talk about the ingredients, remember what we talked about earlier- simplicity and flexibility. So, keeping that in mind, let’s see the list of ingredients:

  • Nuts and seeds: 

You can use the nuts you like the most, but here we have taken walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, and almonds. For seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are widely used. They will make the roast nutty and nutrient-dense. 

  • Mushrooms:

Consider this as the main ingredient. Take your knife and chop some fresh mushrooms into fine pieces. Finely chopped mushrooms will add the right consistency to the nut roast. For mushrooms, you can either use button mushrooms(white) or any other mushrooms of your choice. 

  • Veggies:

For vegetables, we suggest you include garlic, onions, celery, grated carrots, and tomatoes(paste). 

  • Bread crumbs:

Breadcrumbs are added for various reasons, but the biggest of all is – texture. You can either use the readymade breadcrumbs from the store or just make your own breadcrumbs. All you need is to take leftover bread and grind it in a mixer until the crumbs look even and fine. 

  • Oil:

You can add any vegetable oil, there isn’t much about oil here. However, olive oil is a very popular option. We found a lot of nut roast vegan recipes that have used olive oil. Either because of its presence in every household or because it’s a healthy option. 

Want to know more about the health benefits of olive oil? Read our article on the health benefits of olive oil. 

  • Herbs, spices, and condiments:

For herbs and spices, use fresh parsley (finely chopped) and garlic powder. In addition to that, add soy sauce and ground flaxseed meal to your ingredient list. 

Now that you know the ingredients, it’s time to get into the-

Vegan Nut Roast Recipe

It is so simple to prepare, that you don’t even require a list of procedures. All you need to do is blend everything, mix them thoroughly, and shove it in your oven to bake them. Exactly, it’s that simple. 

Step 1: Take all the mixed nuts and put them inside a food processor. Crush them finely and keep them in a mixed bowl. 

Step 2: Now, it’s time for your mushrooms to go into the food processor. Grind them until you get them finely processed. 

Step 3: Celery comes next. Put the celery in the processor and process it finely. 

Step 4: It’s time for the onions and the garlic to get chopped. Finely chopped into pieces. 

Step 5: Grate your carrots and now we are ready to go. 

Step 6: On a heating pan, put some olive oil. Add your mushroom, chopped onions and garlic, celery, and grated carrot. Then add the soy sauce and tomato paste to the pan. Cook them until they are soft.

Step 7: On the mixing bowl(which had the crushed nuts), add breadcrumbs, processed parsley, garlic powder, and a ground flaxseed meal. Mix them well. 

Step 8: Now on the mix, add your cooked veggies and mix them nicely. This becomes a thick dough. 

Step 9: Now, prepare your loaf pan. Make sure to use parchment paper at the bottom to easily lift the nut roast after it is baked. 

Step 10: Put your dough into the baking pan and bake it for 15 minutes at 180°C for 50 minutes until the top of the vegan nut roast looks golden. 

Take it out of the oven and voila! It’s ready to be served. 

How to serve? 

You can serve it both hot and cold. Since this is a main dish, you can serve it with a delicious vegan gravy. You can serve it with cranberry sauce if it’s a Christmas dinner (honestly, that’s what we have been witnessing lately). It goes nicely with vegan mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes too. 

In case you want to serve it with a dessert, you can even do that with dessert. You can freeze it only after it has cooled down. When you serve, you can reheat it again at 180°C for 10-15 minutes before serving. 

Wrapping it up

This vegan nut roast is a very savory main dish that can be served with different side dishes like hot vegan gravy, mashed potatoes, desserts, etc. You can use different types of nuts and seeds if you want variation. You can even make it vegetarian by adding eggs to the dough. 

Not just it is tasty, but it is packed with nutrients as well. So, when you are having dinner, have it guilt-free. And sharing it with your friends and family intensifies the taste and flavor! 


  • How to make this nut roast gluten-free? 

Making the vegan nut roast gluten-free is too easy. First, you can skip the regular breadcrumbs with some gluten-free breadcrumbs. And instead of soy sauce, you can use tamari. Don’t worry, this doesn’t change the taste a bit. 

  • How to increase the protein content of the nut roast? 

Simply add cooked lentils to your vegan nut roast recipe. Lentils are rich in protein and other micronutrients. 

  • How much time before you serve this roast? 

To let the vegan nut roast stick together like a piece of loaf, wait for 20 minutes at minimum before serving. 

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