Vegan Chocolate Chips: A Delicious and Healthy Alternative to Regular Chocolate

With vegan alternatives coming up every now and then, people have started showing their interest in veganism. Not just because it creates a healthy ecosystem for the animals, but also because the foods taste really good. Vegan meatballs, vegan sushi, and now Vegan Chocolate Chips

And from a health perspective, vegan foods have helped people achieve their health goals. Studies show that a predominantly plant-based diet does wonders for your health. But are chocolate chips vegan? Can chocolates or choco chips be healthy? If yes, then can you have it more often? And how to find vegan chocolate chips near you? 

vegan chocolate chips

First of all, yeah, chocolate chips can be vegan when you minus the milk. Second of all, they can be very healthy, provided they are made up of dark chocolates. Dark chocolates can lower your inflammatory markers, increase your immunity, boost your heart health, and improve your sleep quality. Not to mention, a whole lot of other benefits you get them.

Last, of all, not all chocolate chips are made up of dark chocolate. You must have seen the regular white chocolate chips. White chocolates are not at all vegan, rather they are made up of milk and other non-vegan ingredients.

While some companies make chocolate chips that happen to be vegan, it’s mostly for people who are insensitive to dairy. You might not see a lot of chocolate chips that are dedicated to vegans, but you can find regular brands that use plant-based ingredients to make them.

While you might think it’s fine as far as it is vegan, it’s better to look for pure vegan brands. And if you want to try regular brands, just make sure, that you go through the ingredient list before buying it. In case, you see ingredients like milk solids, casein, whey, or gelatin– you know what to do. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take the plunge and find out some of the best vegan chocolate chips that you can have guilt-free.

But before we start, let’s see–

What are the things to look for in a vegan chocolate chip brand?

As you might know that most chocolate chips have dairy in them. Not just because it is cheap, but because it is a great filler and a flavoring agent too. 

Best vegan chocolate chips brands– 

1. Enjoy Life:

Read any blog about vegan chocolate chips, you will always stumble upon this. Reason? Well, because they have been doing it for a long time. They know what they are doing – making lip-smacking chocolate chips for their vegan customers.

Not just they are concerned about vegan ingredients, but make take care of different allergies too. There are multiple options you can try–


Enjoy Life vegan chocolate chips

Dark chocolate variety, semi-sweet vegan white chocolate chips, or white mini chips. The ratings are very high and no doubt all of the hype is worth it.

Another good part is they are allergen-free. Gluten, soy, and nuts have been under the allergen bracket for a long time and this is what the company tries not to include in its vegan chocolate chip recipes. 

2. Nestle Toll House:

When it comes to authentic “choco chip” taste, Nestle Toll’s vegan chocolate chips stand alone. They are great for baking, melt easily, and won’t taste anything less than your regular chocolate chips.

nestle toll house chocolate chips

Look for their “Allergen-free Morsels”. There are three varieties– dark chocolate, white chocolate, and semisweet. If you bake quite often, it’s better to use these choco chips as an ingredient. 

3. Lily's Dark Chocolate Chips:

Do you know why we have included this in our best vegan chocolate chips list? It’s because of its low sugar count. Instead of using sugars and syrups, Lily’s dark chocolate chips use stevia. So people who are counting their calories can have it without any worry. 

lily's dark chocolate chips

But some of the ingredients you see here are not that natural– soya lecithin, erythritol, and stevia extract.

In comparing this to other vegan chocolate chip brands, the low sugar content is the highlight. But, if you want to go hundred percent natural, then this might not be the ideal choice for you.

However, as chocolate chips are a “not so often” luxury, you can enjoy them without any guilt. 

4. Pascha (Certified Vegan):

This one is a “you can’t miss it”. Not because of the praise you see in almost every chocolate chip blog, but because of its different choco chips variety made out of natural ingredients–Cacao Unsweetened Dark Chocolate (100%), Sweet Chocolate Baking Chips, Dark Chocolate Baking Chips, Vegan White Chocolate Chips for baking, etc. 

pascha chocolate chips

5. Artisan Kettle:

There are mainly two vegan chocolate chip varieties– Artisan Kettle No Sugar Added and Semisweet chocolate chips. This duo is to die for– you’ll love them for sure. You can use them as a snack or put them in your tiffin box before going to work. 


artisan kettle chocolate chips

While these brands are highly spoken of on the internet, you can even choose something that is available at your place. If vegan chocolate chips have the perfect flavors and taste, you can enjoy them as a snack sometimes. 

Wrapping it up:

Though vegan chocolate chips are highly palatable, the challenge is to find one with healthy ingredients. While there are some genuine dairy-free chocolate chip brands out there, you always have the liberty to try out a recipe at home. 

For that, you can prefer dark chocolate, natural sugars, and healthy fillers instead of emulsifiers and preservatives. This makes your snacks healthy and saves you some money as well. If you want to know about other healthy, high-protein vegan snacks, we have an article dedicated to it. You can check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

  • Are chocolate chips vegan? 

Yes, chocolate chips can be vegan if you minus dairy products from them. 

  • Which chocolate chips are the healthiest? 

Well, vegan chocolate chips come in different varieties– semi-sweet, dark chocolate, and vegan white chocolate chips. Though all of them can be healthy, dark chocolate chips are a better pick. 

  • Can you make vegan chocolate chips of your own? 

Yes, you can definitely try out a recipe and prepare them at home. The homemade choco chips are way better than the packaged ones(you know why). 

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